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My passion for good food started at a very young age, growing up on a sustainable biodynamic farm in New Zealand, right by the ocean provided me and my family with an abundance of native ingredients to play with.

Some of my earliest memories are of me and my brothers bringing back our catch from rock fishing and my mum digging up fresh veggies from the garden to cook dinner. 


Growing up in this beautiful landscape helped me develop respect for the connection between food and nature; gathering wild herbs, planting with the seasons, learning to butcher, fillet fish and prepare shellfish is something I'm deeply passionate about and has underpinned my career in food. I am a firm believer in the benefits of organic, seasonal produce, zero waste farming practices and as little food mileage as possible. 


Once leaving my native New Zealand, my love and understanding of food deepened with every new place I visited, something which still happens to this day. My recent honeymoon around Europe was all about immersing myself in the food traditions of that country; the slow food movement and Agriturismo of Italy, tapas in the bars of Catalonia and raw unpasteurized cheese in France. 


My varied interest in food has meant my career as a chef has been just as diverse; from an Organic, farm to table boutique resort, to hatted restaurants along with many wedding and event catering roles, now is the time to branch out and collaborate with people to provide truly unique food for both the big and little events in your life! 

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